July 31, 2014



Life is a process and we are one within it. Sometimes we can be unsure. Well, not just sometimes, but a lot. Sometimes we can mistrust ourselves so much that we either never take the step we know we should or we hesitate so long that the time for it passes and we are left with the remnant of “what could have been” and a dream stuck in our soul.

However, no matter how long it takes, I believe that we eventually reach a point when we know to LISTEN to that inner voice and trust what it says, because it is His whispers in our soul, the instinct given to GUIDE us “through” life. It may take a lifetime, but the day WILL come when you are in acceptance of your life and everything that has happened up until that point and you will TRUST YOURSELF to know what is “best” for you and “see” the path you are supposed to take.

As soon as you STOP second-guessing yourself you will find that life becomes a “joy”, peace settling over your heart and soul. Decisions become easier as all the “what ifs?” and “buts” fall away to reveal the truth in your soul, the longings and desires, sometimes hidden, sometimes as clear as the sun on a cloudless day, there. The clamour that abounded before becomes a single voice, sometimes still, but always heard, “telling” you “how” to live.

You have to give yourself PERMISSION to listen. You have to trust that your inner compass is directed towards “true north”, the ultimate destination you are headed in, the journey that will teach you the most in life, what you need as it gifts you with experiences beyond your wildest imaginings, even for those of us who have been accused of “living” in our minds and imagination.

So, rise up. Set aside the ashes that have covered you. Rise like a Terminator and step forth from the flames. Let the world see what the fire has forged. Look out the world with eyes that have known more than they should and set your course FORWARD. Like a “machine” following GPS, follow the “call of your heart”, heeding instinct, letting the machine “be human” so that you can have the “best of both worlds”, experiencing everything not through just the logical, but emotional and soul as well, LIVING.

© 2014 Rosie Chee