July 27, 2014



You are NOT the person you were yesterday. You are not YET the person you will be tomorrow. You are here NOW, today, part of the old, to become the new, and have the power to CHOOSE what you will take with you from the past into your future.

You are HUMAN. You’ve made mistakes. You’ve got regrets. Welcome to life. The beauty of it is that you are not defined by your mistakes or regrets. You can move past those and embrace the promises and opportunities waiting for you to step INTO.

TODAY is up to you. Tomorrow today will become part of your past. It will be one step closer or one step further from where you want to be and the person you were meant to be. The choices you make, the memories you hold onto in your heart, the lessons you bring with you from the past, the experiences you allow to “shape” you, WILL mould you for tomorrow. Therefore, be wise in what you will and won’t allow, the battles you choose to fight and leave alone, the people you surround your heart and mind with, for it will all play part in the future.

You are what you ALLOW into your soul. You develop BECAUSE of your mistakes and regrets, the consequences that follow, the struggles that you battle. You want the darkness to ILLUMINATE the light, so that you come out BETTER than ever.

Your soul is the most PRECIOUS “thing” you have. It is your own and no one can make it into something YOU do not give permission for. Determine today WHO you want to be and filter in or out anything that has no role or purpose in that vision.

© Rosie Chee