June 23, 2014



Human beings are weak. It’s in our nature. However, just because we are weak, does not mean that we cannot also be strong, and often our biggest weakness is attached to our greatest strength. God gives us that weakness to remind us that we are not almighty, that we are not impervious to imperfection, that we all have a role to play in the game of life, our weaknesses [and strengths] determining the purpose of our role.

We can learn a lot about ourselves from our weaknesses. What we are made of, what sort of character we have, whether or not we have what it takes to succeed and do more than simply survive this world.

We all have many flaws and weaknesses. Perhaps the greatest sin is to have no ambition, to simply exist with no purpose whatsoever, letting life pass you by. If that is the greatest sin, then the greatest weakness is in giving up on something that we dream of having, because we do not have the courage or the willpower to continue our journey towards the accomplishment of something great.

If you want to succeed, you canNOT give up! You cannot give in without a fight! You canNOT give in, PERIOD! If you want something so badly that your heart bursts with your desire and you can think of nothing else, not only is it weakness, but sin to give up on it, to let your light fade into the recedes of time.

When you feel like giving up, when all hope seems lost and the future dim, remember in your heart why you want what you want, why you have tried for so long to attain it, and draw strength from that secret well within you to KEEP GOING! PRESS ON! KEEP THE FAITH! And you will most certainly SUCCEED!

© Rosie Chee