June 24, 2014



Your life is changing in ways you never thought it would. You are in a place you never thought you would ever be. You have found a faith that you never thought you would need or care for. YOU are changing more than you ever thought possible.

Do NOT be afraid of the change. Everything you have been through was for a REASON. Every heartache and tear wrenched from your soul, every moment of pain and frustration and confusion, every feeling of hopelessness and despair, was all for a reason. Out of the greatest pain [often] comes the greatest GROWTH. Out of the greatest pain [often] rises the GREATEST and most BEAUTIFUL of souls.

You have been through that pain. You know what went wrong, what lessons you had to learn, even if the way you had to learn them was so drastic that you felt like your soul would be torn asunder for all time. Know that from the pain will come STRENGTH greater than you ever thought you could have, regardless of you knowing that your soul already has strength of its own.

Hold ONTO the faith that you have found. It will pull you through even the darkest of times. Never be ashamed to cry out to Him, to plea from the depths of your soul for help, on your knees in the most desperate of times, for He ALWAYS listens and He always ANSWERS, even if the answer is not the one that you seek. Know that the answer He gives is what you NEED, because He knows even before you do what your SOUL needs to survive, what your heart needs to be ALIVE, what your mind needs to be ENCOURAGED.

A door in your life may have closed, but there HAS been opened a window. It might be small, seem impossible for you to see yourself fitting through it at the moment, but know and accept that NOTHING is IMpossible with God on your side. NOTHING your heart dreams or aspires is out of your reach if you desire it with EVERYthing that you are, and with such consuming passion and commitment to making it happen, you CAN.

Have FAITH and BELIEF in YOURSELF, that you are stronger than you think and have far MORE within you than you might ever have known! YOU have the POWER to CHANGE your life! You have been given a SECOND chance! Make the MOST of it and become EVERYTHING He always intended you to be!

© Rosie Chee