June 22, 2014



Nothing like a reminder of how short life really is to motivate you to make the most of your life NOW.

Follow your heart. Chase your dreams. Never stop believing. If they rest insistently on your soul they're there for a reason, and sometimes it's only in the DOING that the reason becomes clear. Listen to your heart. Live your dreams. Never give up. Whatever you love to do you love for a purpose, and sometimes only YOU can fulfill that purpose.

So go out into the world and live unapologetically as your soul is led, the sparkle from your heart shining in your eyes as you live loving life and all that you do, being open to and seeing the magic come alive in every moment in the beauty surrounding you. Live so that come the time your ability to do so fades, you will have lived so completely and ultimately that you have no regrets, because you will have done all that you can with all that you are, become more than you ever thought you could and made all the difference only you possibly could have.

Make the MOST of your one, precious life and if you are not already, start doing it NOW.

© 2014 Rosie Chee