March 31, 2014



You KNOW what you have to do. Your soul knows. It has known for a long time. It has been your heart that has been conflicted. It has been your mind “of two minds”. But not it’s TIME. It’s time to COMPLETELY take that step. To make that 100% commitment to be in with all that you are “no holds barred”.

You have tried to take that step before. You thought you HAD taken it. And you did. But for some reason you took it and then stepped BACK. Not only stepped back, but stepped back again and it caused your soul anguish and unrest.

You saw doors open when you stepped FORWARD. You saw the “light”. You saw changes begin to occur that you thought might have been an “illusion” even as you believed they could be real. When you stepped back there was a “hold” on all that. There can be NO more “holding”.

You know deep down what you MUST do. You know how NUMINOUS the emotions sweeping through your essence are at taking that step. And you know you really have “no choice” but to take it. Not if you want your life to mean something again and you to bloom and blossom.

It’s not always easy doing what you must. Sometimes it’s not even “the right thing”. Even as it is the “perfect” thing to do for YOU. Dig deep and remember that you’re NOT alone in taking that step. Hold tight to the faith you have never let go of. TRUST and BELIEVE.

Believe in YOURSELF. Believe in your FUTURE. Believe that GREAT things will come, even if there is a “waiting period”. Still your soul and remember that “everything for a reason” and even if you don’t yet fully understand that reason, know that your instinct will always “lead you true”.

So take that step. That single step. Take it and KEEP walking. FORWARD.

© 2014 Rosie Chee