April 2, 2014



[Him aside] only YOU know what is truly best for you. Others can tell you what you “should” feel or be and that it’ll be “ok” in the end. All very well and good, but there is NO “should” and sometimes the “end” is an endless journey that stretches on with heartache after heartache and darkness after darkness and epiphany after epiphany, constantly changing and moving, living as much as you.

What was “best” for someone else in a similar situation or having experienced such emotion is NOT always going to be best for YOU. Highly likely that it won’t even be CLOSE to what is “best” for you. Others can SHARE their experiences and offer advice, but ultimately it is simply a source of “support” and guidance, because nothing and no one can truly tell you “how” it “should” be.

Your soul might seem like a contradiction in the feelings buried deep within it and the emotion visible [to those with discernment] on the surface, but it has its own way of processing everything and it must be allowed to without “forcing” from anything or anyone. In its time, which no one can set, it will “sort” through the chaos to “find” the centre again.

There is no “right” or “wrong” way when it comes to soul evolution. Soul awakening is a painful realization and the journey does not end at the start, but merely begins, and there is only ONE way for YOUR soul and that is its OWN. Follow the whispers from INSIDE and “find” your own truth in the chambers that illuminate your essence.

© 2014 Rosie Chee