September 15, 2013



You are alive for a PURPOSE. Do NOT waste the precious breath you have been given on frivolous pursuits. Instead, let your life MEAN something. DO something with it. Devote yourself to the “service” of others, that you may INSPIRE in them a desire to be GREAT. HELP them to see the greatness hiding inside them, their POTENTIAL for ultimate success and the achievement of all their heart’s passions.

Live to INSPIRE others. Inspire them to become BETTER. Inspire them to want MORE out of life, to seek for DEEPER purpose, to discover what THEY are here for, and all that they are meant to be. Inspire them to PUSH the boundaries of what is “possible” and create dreams IN reality. Inspire them to more than they might have ever dreamed OF and in that, have them see that it is only just the BEGINNING.

Inspire those AROUND you. Inspire those you have NEVER met. Inspire those whose souls you connect with on a plane out of this dimension of time and space. The world is VAST, but we are all connected somehow in the tapestry of life, in ways we might never know of. Your stretch is further than YOU will ever fathom, and EVERYTHING you do impacts someone somewhere.

Live FOR something. Make your life FRUITFUL. Let the world SEE your passion. Let them FEEL it and know that it comes from a true heart of “wonder”. This life is not about you alone, but about the DIFFERENCE you make in the lives of OTHERS. Live to ensure that the difference YOU make has a POSITVE impact, seared on the souls of those you encounter, so that in turn, THEY live to inspire with their own “story”.

© 2013 Rosie Chee