September 16, 2013



Life can be many things. It can elicit many emotions. It can cause many consequences.

One thing it can be is “crazy cool”. One emotion it can elicit is joy. One consequence it can cause is to open up a soul and free a mind to see the wonder that life truly is.

Life is a miracle. It is a wonder. It is an explosion to the mind what can conspire in the vastness of space, what can be created from ”nothing”.

To “see” what life is you have to be willing to open your mind and see through a different pair of eyes. Eyes that see far more than the physical and sense into the spiritual, trusting your soul in a dimension beyond that which manifests before you. When you open your mind your attitude changes.

Life opens up to reveal its endless possibilities when your attitude changes. It starts becoming an adventure beyond any you have ever experienced before. It starts your “ride” of crazy cool.

Choose to open your soul. Choose to soar on wings that live outside the plane you stand on. Choose to live a life that is truly amazing, doing what you can to take as many others along with you.

© 2013 Rosie Chee