July 24, 2013



Life is about living. And although we all ultimately “live forever”, we do not. BUT…Our LEGACY lives on in the lives of those we “leave behind”. The part of us that is seared on the HEARTS of those we impact in our lifetime is left behind. The DIFFERENCE that we make lives on “forever” in the legacies of all those to whom we make a difference.

Life is not JUST about living. It is about CREATING such impact and having such influence that we ARE able to CHANGE the lives of others, and in the changing of those lives, giving those a “new” lease on life and “leaving” a part of us with them wherever they go. In turn, when THEY “use” the change you helped “give” them, they are “passing on” the legacy you left with them.

Life is about creating CHANGE. Change for the BETTER. Change that has such impact on peoples’ lives that they are never EVER the same. Change that begets change and keeps the POSITIVE domino effect going. Change that spreads like wildfire and “sets the world alight”. Change that has a PURPOSE, and that purpose is to INSPIRE lives for LIVING.

© 2013 Rosie Chee