July 1, 2013



Sometimes the quality of our lives correlates directly to that which we GIVE others. The IMPACT we make: Positive [OR negative] – it affects not only the people we encounter, but our OWN psyche.

CHOOSING to do what you can for others when you do not even know what direction you are walking in is not always just “activity” to “fill space”, but it can also help you realize your own path, and in doing so, set you on a course that may be far DIFFERENT than what you expected. When you help someone else, guide another on their journey, give a smile or offer a hand – EVERYTHING you do creates an impact.

Some say you get out of life what you put into it. Not always true, but reflects karma – what you do comes ultimately BACK to you. The actions, words – impact made on others affects YOU too, whether now or in the future.

What impact do YOU want to make? What DIFFERENCE do you want YOUR life to be? What LEGACY do you want YOUR name to leave in this world? YOU choose what you do with your life. You know what you WANT – now just go DO it!

© 2013 Rosie Chee