May 26, 2013



When you love someone, you don’t keep them in a cage. When you love someone, you give them FREEDOM. You let them OPEN their wings and give them the space they need to FLY. If they want you to soar with them, then JOIN them. But if they have to do some things alone, LET them.

For some, this is a fearful thought. They fear that the one they love will fly away and not return. If they love you, they WILL return. But you also have to create something for them to come BACK to. Together, you have to set down ROOTS in the life that you are BUILDING together. You have to give them something to WANT to come back to.

After having flown above the world, there must be something that will hold them to the “home” you have together. They must have a reason to STAY with a single being in a stationary place when they have had the freedom to be around multitudes and ever moving. You must be able to “keep up” with them and GROW with them, your love constantly EVOLVING as you both evolve, flying as you both fly, and never be something from which they might desire to flee.

© 2013 Rosie Chee