May 24, 2013



“BIG” is NOT out of reach. “BIG” IS in your future, If you WANT it to be. But first, you must “UNTRAIN” yourself from thinking that “great” is not for you. Because it IS if you desire it enough. And then, you must start to THINK “big”. Fill your mind with dreams – pluck them from your heart; it knows what it wants. Create dreams so big that it might look like it will take a “miracle” to achieve them. More importantly, BELIEVE in your dreams – with all your soul and heart and mind, for it will take ALL of you to accomplish the “impossible”. When your heart is set on a dream so “big” you cannot help but create the circumstances to MAKE it happen – you open up your life to opportunities you might otherwise have never taken, walk alongside those not in your “natural” element, sing a new song in your soul to the world. “BIG” is out there for everyone who has a dream and believes it CAN be done. When you think “big” and dream “big” and believe in “big”, in some way, shape or form, “big” cannot HELP but BE.   

© 2013 Rosie Chee