May 27, 2013



For one to change, one must GROW. And for one to grow, one must let GO of that which might hold them back. And that which might hold one back is most often FEAR.

Fear of what is to come. Fear of the unknown. Fear of letting go of a “comfort zone”. Fear of being vulnerable. Fear of being hurt. Fear of pain.

Growth IS painful. Growth is often made in the most INTENSE of situations, many times not ones we might have CHOSEN, but that we NEED. Growth HAS to happen in order for our lives to move FORWARD.

And we ALWAYS want to be moving forward. Life is not living if we are at a standstill, stagnant and immobilized. Life is simply “existing” then, and life is NOT for merely existing.

Life is for LIVING. Living with passion and exuberance. Living without limits ad boundaries on our dreams and aspirations. Living as high as we can for as long as we can. Living and GROWING.

Growing into the person we were always INTENDED to be. And for that to happen, we MUST allow CHANGE. We MUST WELCOME growth. We must LET GO of any fear we have and LIVE.

© 2013 Rosie Chee