May 31, 2013



Sometimes things happen that you are UNprepared for. Sometimes they hit you, like a train crashing into you and you wonder how you could have been so blind all this time. Sometimes they are more subtle, like the lighting of a butterfly upon your finger. Either way, some of the most wonderful things in life and greatest adventures you embark on in life come from places you never would have expected, but that your HEART knows is RIGHT. They begin as tiny whispers in your soul, reaching out skeletal fingers towards your heart, slowly but surely creeping their way in like the mists of time, until you do not know when you cannot remember such longings and desires NOT being there, when your entire being did not shiver with delight at the way your life is unfolding and the miracles happening almost daily before you. And when you realize how PRECIOUS the dreams captured in the confines of such a small space are, you hold ONTO them as tightly as you can, hoping and wishing for their reality and to never end, because you cannot imagine your life without them in it, so dear do you cherish them.

Your life has taken a turn in a direction you might never have thought possible, twisted down a path you might never have considered to wander, floated over an ocean you might never have crossed, all because such an “adventure” began in your heart, filtered into by your soul, where your instinct and essence dreams and breathes. EMBRACE the life coming at you, the unknown, the wild, the scary, the passionate, the love. Embrace it and LIVE, knowing that there smiles in your soul satisfaction of being exactly where you are supposed to be, grateful for having listened to your instinct and steered from danger that might cause horrific devastation upon destruction already wrought. Now your soul is giving you a chance to HEAL, and it is healing you through a life of adventure, of love that is real, of companionship before only thought to have existed in fairy-tales and dreams. Embrace it, deep down in your core, in your heart where part of you lies hiding, and open yourself up, knowing that vulnerability is NOT a weakness, but in the end will only make you STRONGER and more APPRECIATIVE of life and all He has given you.

© 2013 Rosie Chee