April 28, 2013



The chirping of the birds in the morning, as you lie in bed, singing to each other and letting the world know that a new day has begun and it’s time to open your eyes. The sun streaming in through your windows or an overcast sky of grey, the air warm and gentle, welcoming you as you step out into it. The sounds of others in the house as you begin to move around, your morning routine so habitual it happens without thought, as you listen with a smile and watch fondly, the ones you love. The feel of the cold ground on your feet, harsh with tiny stones and sand, grating at your tender feet, the soft grass sharp contrast, each one required and sought at times. The whisper of the wind through the trees, past your cheek, lifting your hair, a swift moment of calm before the heat of the day sets back upon you. The sheer magnificence of God’s creation, nature in all its glory spread before you like a live film, the lakes in the distance, the cliff edge stood upon as you take a moment of reflection in the beauty before you.

Life is all around you. It is in front of you, beside you, behind you, in you, and it is BEAUTIFUL. Yes, there are times when the weight of the world and the burdens you bear alone can bring you down and you want to rest, to sink to your knees and just stay there awhile, maybe even sleep, if it could bring you peace, but if you OPEN your eyes, you will see that the world around you, amidst all the darkness and pain, is BEAUTIFUL. LIFE is beautiful, and you can filter out the aspects that cause your soul despair, focusing on the wonder before you, the expanse further than you can see but that you know of, the promise that is around the next turn or down the next drop, the smile as you look back and see the ones in your heart right there with you.

The ones that you LOVE make life beautiful. They make it worth living. They give you something to HOPE for, and when you hope, life has endless POSSIBILITY, magic just waiting to be discovered and explored, a lifetime of wonder set aside just for you. The life that you have, the life you have been given, and the life you create, will all come together in a tumbled mess, but it is a BEAUTIFUL mess and from it, God will fashion a MASTERPIECE. SO no matter what lies on your mind or body, let your soul take flight and soar up and over those cliffs, into the atmosphere of infinite dreams, and see that life is indeed BEAUTIFUL.

© 2013 Rosie Chee