April 29, 2013



Wherever you are in your life, difficulty WILL happen. It is inevitable and how you REPOND to it will determine how it affects you not just now, but in the long term. FACE your struggles and accept them for what they are, even if you do not fully understand and see them only as “tests” or “lessons” for what you are not quite sure you are yet supposed to be learning.

Life is a battlefield and we ALL come across a mine in our time. You might have stepped ON it, see it and cannot stop the movement that will result in your contact with it, or it might already be too late and you did not realize what happened until it blew up and left you destroyed. Your decisions from this point forward will determine your destiny, the path that you’re walking on, who you’re walking it with, whether you stay or go, run or hide, fight or flee. Your choices in this MOMENT will start the process that “creates” who you will become.

Stay STRONG and analyze the situation in the time that you have. See the solutions, no matter how “undoable” they may seem and EMBRACE the “challenge” that now opposes you. Use it to test your mettle, your INSTINCT, your desire to SURVIVE. From the depths of your soul will rise a will to LIVE, for it cannot accept defeat, that this is all life has for you, knowing that there is MORE out there and you were intended for GREATER purpose than this. You just have to get THROUGH now to get there.

Breathe DEEP and try to stay calm. Attempt to allow your soul to RELAX, because you need your logic and reality to act on the blink of an eye, knowing that sometimes even the ILLOGICAL and most improbable solution is the “answer” you need to “pass”. Instinct and FAITH, “letting go” of what it “appears” to be and “seeing” what it really is, TRUSTING that this challenge will only bring you out stronger AND better than before, preparing you for that to come.

STAY strong. This is but a MOMENT in a LIFETIME of “moments”. This is but ONE of many “mines” you will stumble across. This is but one decision you will have to make that could either break or create the future you are heading towards. Hold TIGHT the vision of your future, the dream, in your mind, and know that He and your soul will lead you TRUE towards it if you ALLOW it and BELIEVE it.

© 2013 Rosie Chee