April 18, 2013



Sometimes all you can see is what is going on NOW. You can so OVERWHELMED by your circumstances that you do not see the “good” in the bad, the “wonder” in the “heartache, the “opportunity” in the difficulty.

Roads to the best things in life are not always CLEAR. Sometimes they are fraught with devastation and destruction. Sometimes they are hidden behind obstacles and “road works”. Sometimes they are “over the hill” and out of sight. Sometimes they are disguised as “tests” that determine our true POTENTIAL.

Any time you find yourself in a difficult situation, no matter how small or large the situation, there is an OPPORTUINTY. That opportunity is for GROWTH. It can be mental, physical, psychological, or spiritual, but all intended for one purpose: To make you BETTER.

Every difficulty IS an opportunity to see what you are made OF, to perceive if you have what it TAKES to succeed at what you want in life, to determine the STRENGTH of your desire for the dreams you harbour in your soul, to know if you are on the “right” path to BECOMING.

“Becoming” is a CONSTANT journey, a perpetual purpose that you can spend lifetimes trying to fulfill. And lifetimes it WILL take, as many as is required to create a soul worthy of the potential bestowed upon it. Opportunity knocks on the door of that potential in EVERY difficulty, to see if it will answer, or be discovered and USED.

Sometimes it takes those overwhelming circumstances to see the path ahead, your next step, and to UNDERSTAND just how blessed you truly are. USE your difficulty to make you STRONGER and BETTER than ever.

© 2013 Rosie Chee