April 17, 2013



Just when you thought you had survived the deepest dark of night you discover that there is an even DARKER shade of black, thrown into the vortex of darkness, light barely a pinprick millions of eons above you and growing smaller and fainter with each moment, causing your breathing to become labored as the claustrophobia takes over. CALM your fear and remember that you made it through last time, even though you thought you might never make it out alive, and you came out STRONGER and BETTER for the darkness and the “monsters” you battled to make your way to the light, holding onto your FAITH because you knew that God would not have placed you in such a situation if He did not KNOW you could handle it, or that you “needed” the experience in order to FIND your true strength.

You survived once and you WILL again. It might seem that the night is darker than ever, even the stars hiding their faces from the inky blackness, but keep alight the knowledge that night ENDS, even the longest one, and “transforms” into the light of sunrise over the distant horizon. Continue to KEEP your faith and hold tight to the TRUTH inside your soul, even if the world sees something completely different to what it is and judges in the harshest manner because they cannot understand. You might feel all alone, but you are NEVER alone, even if you walk apart for a time, stumbling in the darkness, reaching out to seemingly no one, falling to your knees as you hit obstacles you cannot see, blinded by the confusion that can be.

When you STILL your screaming soul and take measure of your surroundings, you can begin to “sense” where you are, instinct kicking in, survival mode “on”, and even though there be no guide or handbook, you make your way slowly but surely towards where you know the light will appear. You might come across others in that darkness, and when you do, you can HELP each other towards the light, even if each one has their own path to walk and different star to “find”. Walk TOWARDS where you know the sun will rise, and even though it may feel like a “lifetime” that it ceases to break the pitch black, NEVER give up, keep GOING, allowing the “compass” in your soul to lead you true.

© 2013 Rosie Chee