March 19, 2013




Life is never going to be “perfect”. There are always going to be perfect MOMENTS in a world that is in destruction. There is always going to be BEAUTY in the deep dark ugliness of a world that is becoming more dangerous by the day. There is always going to be LOVE amidst the hate that seems to surround some. And it is that love that we should HOLD onto. It is the love we should focus ON. It is the love that we should see as beautiful in an imperfect world, making it “perfect” for the moments frozen in time in your mind as memories that cannot and will not ever fade away, no matter how long passes.

The world is never going to be “perfect”. No one IN it is ever going to be perfect. But there CAN be someone who is “perfect” for YOU. There IS someone who fits the other half of your soul like they were the piece of a puzzle you were in; the piece you never even knew was missing until they came along. There is someone who UNDERSTANDS your soul and loves you for who you ARE, not what you can do or give or be, or any potential to come (even though they will always PUSH you to your potential, because they only want to see you become all that you CAN be), but for who you are, deep down in the most inner sanctum of your soul that no one but they ever get to see. That IS beauty in a world that will always sit beauty alongside the beast.

Life, the world, people, AND you, will always be IMperfect. But that does not mean that it cannot be “perfect” in pieces, that there cannot be beauty in the imperfection, that it cannot be a place where HAPPINESS resides inside your soul. Perfect moments will always exist in an imperfect world. Looking for the moment creates spontaneity. Freezing the moment captures the memory. Getting lost in the moment is LIVING it. And life is meant to be lived, and lived to the FULL, as best we can, as we LOVE.

© 2013 Rosie Chee