March 20, 2013

2013 | Day 78: THE NEXT LEVEL



Life does NOT stay on the same plane for your duration of it. Planes shift beneath you, around you, in front of you. There are always HIGHER levels to ascend to, and that is what you should be striving for. The next step UP. The next tier of success. The next “moment” to happiness.

There is everything WITHIN you to climb to that next level, to take your life up a notch. There are dreams “sparked” inside that drive you to reach a different height than before, wanting to CONTINUE climbing the mountain of life with gusto and bravado, even if it does not feel what it shows the world.

Your life is determined by what YOU make of it, the decisions you make, the paths you take, the people you allow into and out of it, everything coming together in an elaborate tapestry in colours only you can see or understand. Your life is everything YOU allow it to be, because ultimately, you are the “creator” of your destiny.

Your destiny lies withIN you. In your SOUL, the secret depths few have ever seen. In your DREAMS, the ones you have always known and the ones you are discovering. In your MIND, your belief and confidence in self to accomplish these mighty things your heart wants to bring to fruition.

You should never be “content” to be where you are at. Your life does not reach a level and then STOP. You were intended to keep STRIVING to become better, and to be better, you HAVE to take your life to the NEXT level. To do that, you have to search deep inside and pull those resources out and USE them.

© 2013 Rosie Chee