January 1, 2013




Your thoughts are the BEGINNING of the process that creates your ACTIONS, and your actions determine your DESTINY. A dream manifested does not happen by chance, but by a carefully ORCHESTRATED series of events happening in a predetermined and perfect order. That order starts in your MIND, before your heart is even aware of it, and creeps into your soul, so that it INFUSES into your being and you cannot help BUT do everything in your power to bring about its emergence in reality.

Thoughts are POWERFUL, and everything born of man’s creation started as a single thought in the mind of either a madman or a genius. There is genius in madness and madness in genius, and both are beautiful in their own right, albeit through different means and realities.

Reality is in the perspective of mind that PERCEIVES it. Reality that has yet to take on physical form can be seen in another dimension, that of the SOUL, of dreams, of design and CREATION. Reality can come from something as SMALL and SIMPLE as a passing whisper of a thought floating through the empty spaces of one’s mind, the butterfly touch of a lover’s caress across your vulnerable soul, the quiver of a tear in the depths you never knew you had.

Your tomorrow is determined by your living of TODAY. You set in motion events that roll into each other with EVERY action, every word, every thought, and every expression. You CREATE your own reality with your progression towards your dreams. Your DREAMS determine your destiny.

Your dreams are created in the tiny flickers of thought through your mind, in the howling tempests that surge through your heart, the waves of change that wash through your soul echoing with the possibility of what could be. Your dreams create a desire in you to see them become something MORE than a dream, a life you can smile in, bask in with joy. Your thoughts are the ARCHITECTS of your destiny, for they form the shape of your dreams, and your dreams determine the path you CHOOSE to walk.

© 2013 Rosie Chee