December 31, 2012

2012 | Day 366: A NEW YEAR



The end of an era is coming to a CLOSE. It is time for a New Year to begin – to TURN the page on this chapter of life and start AFRESH. It is a time to see the ENDLESS possibilities stretched before you, the miracles just waiting for you to bring them ABOUT, the accomplishments with YOUR name already on them.

It is a New Year – a time of INFINITE possibilities and wonder, when you can RECREATE yourself and start over. It is time to begin to become the person you ALWAYS wanted to be, because you HAVE the power to, everything within you to be who you are MEANT to be. It is time to DECIDE who you ARE.

A New Year gives you opportunity to set out everything BEFORE you – before it is already half-way over and you wonder where the time has gone. It allows you to design a BLUEPRINT of what you want your life to BE and where you want it to GO. It shows you what needs to be done, to think about what TRULY matters.

A New Year is a time of CELEBRATION – passing of the old as you step INTO the new. It is a time to take hold of your destiny and determine your FUTURE, set rolling the ACTIONS that will have a domino effect in your life for either positive or negative. Choose to move FORWARD and become BETTER.

© 2012 Rosie Chee