July 2, 2012

2012 | Day 180: Do YOU See ME?


What You See

A million people can look at the same thing and see something DIFFERENT. What you see depends on what eyes you use. And those eyes are a product of your life experiences - past and present - and who you are as an individual.

You can tell something of an individual by their perspective. Just because life might have dealt them an unfortunate hand in the past or the now does not mean that their outlook is going to be bleak and grim, and vice versa - just because one might have had everything they ever wanted, supposedly so happy throughout their lifetime, does not mean that they are going to have a positive, upbeat view on life.

We are not just a product of our experiences and environment, but there is something deep within each and every one of us that has the power to OVERCOME anything that has happened to us. That power is STRONG in some individuals - you can usually tell who they are, because they turn out NOTHING like what their history would “dictate” they be. Some people are just weak, something inside them not wanting or willing to rise above their circumstances - you can also tell them, the ones they can predict based on a “profile”.

When you view a sunrise, what do you see? New life and beauty and the chance to start over with a fresh slate? Or do you see just another day of pain and suffering and wanting it to be over with as fast as possible? Positive or negative? Happy or depressed?

Some days our perception of the SAME thing may change, and that’s normal. CHANGE is normal - if we did not change, then we are not GROWING.

What we see when we look at any given thing depends on who we ARE. And who we are should always be CHANGING, GROWING, BECOMING BETTER.

Quote for Reflection:


Session 1

a. 4 min jogging
b. 8 x 20 sec sprint/10 sec easy
c. 4 min jogging

Stretch 25 min

Session 2

Skip x 300 revolutions

Shoulders/Hamstrings (30 sec recovery between supersets):
SuperSet A -
1. Behind-the-neck BB Military Press 4 x 10, 8, 6, 6
2. Skip 4 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet B -
3. Rear Flyes 2 x 12
4. Skip 2 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet C -
5. BB Military Press 4 x 10, 8, 6, 6
6. Skip 4 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet D -
7. Standing Arnold DB Press 2 x 12
8. Skip 2 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet E -
9. Single-Arm DB Lateral Raises 4 x 10 per side
10. Skip 4 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet F -
11. DB Lateral Raises 2 x 12
12. Skip 2 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet G -
13. Stiff-Legged DB Deadlift (on bench, reach DB down 6 inches) 4 x 10
14. Skip 4 x 100 revolutions
SuperSet H -
15. Swissball Leg Curls 2 x 12
16. Skip 2 x 100 revolutions

Post-Weights Cardio:
Recline Bike 20 min @ 103-105 rpm

Sleep: Exhausted yesterday. Ended up eating something (outside my 8-hour Lean Gains feeding window - which wasn't great either, but eh) and then going straight to bed, passing out almost as soon as I was curled up.

Energy: Have had a surprising amount of energy today - maybe it is because I have been constantly on the go, in and out between the house and the gym, with more and more things to get done. Being busy is ok, but my body is feeling it, particularly my left shoulder and wrist - which is why I waited until this evening to do my resistance session.

Joints: Starting to get worse - especially in shoulders and left wrist.

Quality of Training: HIIT was done in the heat of the day when I had a spare half hour - lower legs really feeling the stress, and only did a short session...Resistance training was ok. Very similar session to last week, if not the same, with just dumbbells used in place of a barbell and plates for a couple of exercises. Reps the same as well. Shoulders the "limiting" factor in this session, and I pushed through the pain as much as I could, slowing the tempo down a little on some exercises, if I knew I wasn't going to get more reps out, just to make sure it was a little harder...Definitely didn't feel like doing post-weights cardio, but did, and that was that...



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