July 3, 2012

2012 | Day 181: ...you're the only one...I can't forget you...


The Life I Chose To Live

The life I chose to live is the life I live and HAVE lived for a long time. The life YOU choose to live is entirely up to you, the way that my life is up to ME. We each make our OWN decisions on what our life is going to be like and be, and whilst you may OFFER your opinion on what you think I should be doing, realize that what you think of my life has NO sway over what it is.

I live life the way I WANT to live it. I live life so that I can look back with NO regrets. I live my life to make sure I make as MUCH DIFFERENCE as possible in the lives of all those lives I touch, if even for the briefest of time.

I live my life a certain way. With purpose. To fulfil a mission. Not for myself, but to see what I can DO, the IMPACT I can make, the POSITIVE change I can help instigate and bring, so that life is RICHER for all those in it.

I live my life with PASSION. A will to find a way, no matter what the odds. A mind willing to be open, work OUTside the circle but few would rather stay in. A soul open to that second chance, because we all can start over, and if you can give someone ELSE a second chance, that is a true blessing indeed.

My life may seem odd to those around me. Wasted with the talents they THINK I should be using. Thrown away because my values are not in line with theirs. But my life is NOT odd - it is the way I want it to be, and if anything is not, then I make sure I CHANGE it, so that it IS.

This is ME. This is MY life. This is what I DO.

Quote for Reflection:

Photo credit: John Hicks


Arms/Abs (30 sec recovery between trisets and quadsets):
TriSet A -
1. Close-Grip BB Bicep Curls 5 x 5
2. Dips 5 x 6
3. Skip 5 x 100 revolutions
TriSet B -
4. Alternate Incline DB Hammer Bicep Curls 5 x 16
5. Rope Tricep Push-Downs 5 x 6
6. Skip 5 x 100 revolutions
QuadSet -
7. Weighted DB Crunch (on bench, knees at 90 degree angle) 5 x 10
8. Reverse Curl (on bench) 5 x 10
9. Pikes (on bench) 5 x 10
10. Skip 5 x 100 revolutions

Post-Weights Cardio:
Recline Bike 20 min @ 103-104 rpm

Stretch 20 min


Sleep: Went to bed just after 2300 and was asleep pretty quick - that's how shattered I was. Woke a few times during the night, but ended up sleeping for close to 10 hours!

Energy: Not a lot. Have pretty much been on the go constantly since got up yesterday - aside from the time I slept last night.

Quality of Training: Fcuking PAIN!

Muscle and Strength: Steve published another of my popular articles on Muscle and Strength today - check it out: Training for Muscle Growth: Physiological Adaptations And Lifting Weights To Maximize Mass