June 17, 2012

2012 | Day 166: The BEST is YET to COME


Give Up, Give In, or Give It All You've Got

We all have ONE life. And we all have CHOICES to make. EVERY day. And it’s those choices that will determine the QUALITY of our life, because Life IS going to kick you down at some point, and if it fails, it will try over and over. No matter what remember that you ALWAYS have a CHOICE on how you RESPOND.

You can give up. Give up because it’s too hard and all you see are obstacles, letting what you want go because deep down you’re not sure you really want to achieve your goal, afraid perhaps of what will come if you DO. Give up because you listen to those small voices of fear and doubt that try and convince you that what you want is out of your reach, impossible for one such as you.

You can give in. Give in because you’re not strong enough to stand on your own, compromising yourself easier than standing up and FIGHTING for yourself and your beliefs. Give in because you think that trying is not worth it, seeing only everything that could go wrong instead of everything that could go RIGHT, the endless POSSIBILITIES for change and GROWTH.

You can give it all you’ve got. Give it all you’ve got because you KNOW that YOU are in charge of your destiny, that if you want something you go out and GET it and MAKE it happen, refusing to believe that an obstacle can stop you from achieving what you want to, knowing that it is WORTH the struggles to get there. Give it all you’ve got because you desire with a PASSION to make a DIFFERENCE, wanting to EMPOWER others to have faith and belief in themselves, so that they too NEVER give up or give in!

Quote for Reflection:



Despite considering Thursday a "Day OFF" because training was so terrible and I barely did anything, I DO need to give my body this day doing NOTHING.


Sleep: Another night of being wide awake when I "shouldn't" be and I didn't go to bed until close to 0300. Once I fell asleep though, it was another deep ~9 hours. I wonder if the pain in my shoulders is doing this, since my training the last two days has not been anything to induce such exhaustion.

Joints: Shoulders still very painful - left more than right, and I have to be careful with any flexion in the former. Considering applying NO Infuse first thing and pre-bed to both shoulders (instead of just pre and post-training), since it seems to alleviate some of the pain.

Overall Sense of Feeling: My soul is so light, spreading its wings again, ready to soar above the clouds, up into the skies where the lights of hope and life twinkle, looking in wonder at the beauty surrounding me. Thank you, Lord, for this Blessing, for giving me the world, something I never thought would ever be mine, making manifest the dream that has hidden deep for so long.

Other Notes: Being a parent is one of Life's Greatest Blessings, IMO, and when a Man Stands Up and Honours such a responsibility, striving to be a Role Model for his children and the Best father he can Possibly be, he deserves Respect. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to ALL THOSE MEN!