June 16, 2012

2012 | Day 165: I'd rather die than live down on my knees



Sometimes we allow life to get in the way, infiltrate our mind with its fear, doubt, and worries, our circumstances looking bleak instead of an opportunity for change. Are you swimming or drowning in it? Are the things that once used to make you so happy now pulling you down into the depths of despair?

When the things we love become the things that destroy us, what then? We need to REMEMBER - WHY we loved it, what it was that gave us so much joy and peace, smiles before the tears, laughter before the screaming. We need to REMEMBER, and in doing so, maybe make our burden a little lighter.

Let your memories be sweet. Let yourself remember how much you loved. Live without floundering, without sinking, feeling like every day is a battle just to stay afloat. Because all the energy you’re exerting to try and simply STAY here is draining you of energy you could be using for something ELSE.

Remember what it was like and THANK the past for HAPPENING, giving you such blessings, knowing that not all things are meant to last - and nothing ever will. Give yourself time to grieve, but allow yourself to move ON, so that you CAN “live again”.

Quote for Reflection:


Run 3 miles

Stretch 20 min

Sleep: Solid. And deep. All of ~9 hours.

Joints: Shoulders - both, and in under shoulder blades on my left side as well a sharp twinge on movement. Neck - rolling it, I can hear and feel the grinding of my bones.

Quality of Training: Just an easy day today, since my body is not playing nice.


WPM Women Spring/Summer 2012

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