June 9, 2012

2012 | Day 158: Behind-The-Scenes of Happiness



I choose to live my life the way I want to. Not the way anyone else wants me to live it, but the way I want it to be. I choose to make CONSCIOUS choices that will take me in the direction of my dreams and only bring me one step closer to fulfilling my life’s purpose. I choose NOT to let my life be dictated by random events and circumstances, and even if such events occur, I choose to make them WORK for me, by seeing the OPPORTUNITY for learning and growth in them.

I choose to CHANGE whatever is going on in my life that does not rest easy with my soul, aware that I am responsible for my own happiness, taking accountability for my own actions and decisions. I choose NOT to make excuses for my shortcomings or perceived failures, knowing that anything I do not get right or succeed in the first time is only teaching me how to become BETTER.

I choose to give freely of myself, time, and resources, in the pursuit of my vision in helping motivate and inspire others, and aid in the betterment of the lives of those not myself. I choose NOT to let myself be abused anymore by those that would seek to drain me of everything I have, standing up for myself and knowing when to say “no” and “enough is enough”.

I choose to be PROUD of who I am and what I stand for, strong in my beliefs and convictions, uncompromising in the foundation of my principles. I choose NOT to see myself as a victim or feeling self pity if those who do not share my values hate on me and try to tear me down, scrutinizing my every word or action in order to bring me down to their level, but stand firm in what I am about.

I choose to rely on my INSTINCT, knowing that it will always lead me true, unconsciously having in mind my best interests at heart, no matter what my mind may think about the matter. I choose NOT to care for what others think I should do and be, because it is not THEIR life that I live but my own, and no one is responsible for it but ME. In the end, I will be the one who looks back on my life and will either regret it or not. Thus I CHOOSE TO LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANT TO. So there are NO regrets.

Quote for Reflection:

HIT (no recovery between rounds):
2 rounds of -
a. Treadmill @ 3.6 min/km x 1 min
b. Burpee (into Push-Up) x 1 min
c. Treadmill @ 3.6 min/km x 1 min
d. Deadbug (with 8-pound medicine ball) x 1 min
e. Treadmill @ 3.6 min/km x 1 min
f. Single-Leg Deadlift (with twist and lateral reach) x 1 min
g. Treadmill @ 3.6 min/km x 1 min
h. Ab Rollout x 1 min
i. Treadmill @ 3.6 min/km x 1 min
j. Plank x 1 min

Stretch 20 min


Sleep: I was actually so exhausted yesterday that I fell asleep for about an hour at 1700. Wanted to just STAY in bed and sleep right through the night, but it was not to be - after multiple interruptions I ended up getting up for good ~1930, eventually returning to bed just after 0300, sleeping on and off for 5-6 hours.

Energy: I felt like crap heading to the gym (about an hour after getting up), but there was DEFINITELY energy there - all the eating from last night (to keep me awake) and the serving of Assault (really does give smooth energy, although I had been light-headed every time I've used the latest version) ensured that.

Joints: Delt/biceps' tendons SCREAMING (left worse then right today).

Quality of Training: Only a short session today, but probably THE MOST INTENSE one I have done all week! Back on the treadmill, for one of my HIT sessions (been over a year since I've done one), welcoming the physical pain to forget another (seems like I do a lot of that in training these days - pushing through pain I probably should be more cautious of). Got hot real fast, breathing laboured as hell. After ~15 minutes I started to feel slightly nauseous and was a little wobbly on my feet after each minute on the treadmill well BEFORE that. Held it together though, telling myself that it wouldn't last long (and besides, I needed the "punishment" after all the eating last night).

Behind-The-Scenes: Dom was kind enough to send me several images of the photoshoot I did on my birthday - you can see a little of what went into making it such a magical day for me in this album: CREATING A DREAM.