May 3, 2012

2012 | Day 124: I'll make a soldier's decision to fly away


Be Good To Yourself

Sometimes we spend so much time looking after and out for others that we forget to take care of OURSELVES. We work ourselves into the ground trying to do everything for everyone else, being strong for everyone else, making life work for everyone else, that we neglect to take care of ourselves. We allow our energy to be drained in our service to others, our strength to be used to nurture others, our minds to be consumed by thoughts of how to make things better for everyone else, but ourselves. And when that happens, you have NOTHING left for yourself. You drain yourself dry. You don’t nourish yourself, or replace what is being used, giving back to yourself so that you do not lose of yourself.

It’s fine to give, but it’s NOT fine to give and give and give until that’s all you’re doing, not taking care of yourself, not looking out for YOUR best interests, not accepting help from others because you have to be the one doing everything, until eventually you find yourself collapsing, shattered and broken, with nothing left to help yourself, empty and alone.

You have to be GOOD to YOURSELF. You have to nourish and feed yourself – whether it be taking time out every day just for YOU and no one else, meditating, filling yourself with the Spirit and refreshing your soul, speaking positive words of encouragement and empowerment over yourself and your life. You have to relax and recuperate – whether it is having a day off doing everything for everyone and focusing solely on you, so that your body and your mind stays strong and doesn’t run out of energy or spirit. You have to learn to be selfish and say “no” sometimes, because you cannot do and be everything to everyone all of the time, and you need to learn what you CAN do, what you cannot, and accept that, instead of piling all the world’s burdens on your own shoulders.

You have to be GOOD to YOURSELF. When you are good to yourself, then you can be good to OTHERS. You are better equipped to deal with others and their demands, and you will not bleed yourself dry in trying to manage those demands.

You have to be GOOD to YOURSELF to be of any use to ANYONE ELSE! So, if you are not and know you must be, start today! BE GOOD TO YOURSELF!

Quote for Reflection:


Rollers 20 min in 39x18 @ 110-112 rpm

Stretch 20 min

Since it's an "easy" week this week, with only three scheduled resistance sessions every other day, and because I do not want to have more than two days off all training, today was a single cardio session. A light 20 minutes on the rollers mid-afternoon helped clear my head a little. Got quite warm very quickly, feeling the pump in my legs afterwards. Still feeling uncomfortable in my own body, but knowing that it's not going to last for much longer, really looking forward to getting back into my heavy training schedule next week (having planned out the next three weeks this morning)...Trying to let my mind relax and stop stressing about everything, heeding my own words, reminding myself that I need to take care of ME before everyone else, "allowing" myself that time to regather and recoup my determination and drive, the iron steel will that has kept me going thus far...