July 30, 2017



The smile that was glowing flickers a little and the spark that was becoming brighter suddenly whispers like a ghost in and out of time. Everything that was once so alive feels tired and before you know it days have turned into weeks. When you suddenly become AWARE that you have let that which once did not bother you creep inside and settle on your heart, you need to stop and take a moment.

Your soul longs for the sound of the waves upon the shore. Your body longs for the feel of the sand beneath your bare feet. Your heart longs for the PEACE that can be found in the solitude of losing yourself in the beauty around you and the sheer magnificence of something greater being born in the stillness.

Close your eyes and imagine. Let your mind wander along the shore, your dreams bold in planting their footprints in the sand, unafraid to splash through the waves, your smile and laughter unaffected and pure again. Let your soul out. Release all that which “holds you down” and give it up to the One who always knows and sees and has been waiting for you to UNDERSTAND.

Remember how it felt to be so “light”, the “glow” diffusing throughout your being, your aura “rippling” out like a wave in positive vibration. Remember the joy that turned even the most mundane things into “moments”. Remember the smile that lit you from the inside out so that even YOU noticed the change in yourself and wanted to be “out there” sharing the “happy”.

Sit back and close your eyes. Remember the emotion. Remember the feelings. Remember waking every morning and sensing that something wonderful was about to happen. Something wonderful WAS, because your soul was open and light and ready for anything. Go back to that time and let your soul relax as it releases everything clouding your colour, to once again be FREE.

© Rosie Chee
Photo by: Danny Fittro
MUA: Katrell Mendenhall