March 6, 2017



Dream at every age and in every aspect of life. Let your imagination run rampant and colourful without reservation. Pour your soul into your life and create fantasies in your reality. Always share the mad genius that dwells inside your mind. When you give yourself permission to just be YOU and infuse your heart into everything you do, wherever you go, with whomever you are with, you inspire simply by the passion of your soul and the energy that it radiates.

What would life be without that passion? Passion to dream and imagine, create and share that which is most precious and dear to us. Passion inspires the soul to live, to want to live and can give reason to go on when one might want to stop. Passion reminds us WHY the freedom and beauty of life and love can be worth the effort such desires place in us. Passion evokes emotion, longing to express and feel safe wherever it is placed or found.

One cannot dream withOUT passion. There is no creativity without excitement and desire to make a change in the world, a difference even to a single soul. There is nothing less than bold where passion is concerned and nothing less than bold will be the vibrant energy that captivates to inspire, for it will be felt before it is seen, and when it is seen, it can change everything. So let your imagination run wild, the way you ran as a child along the beach and know that you are as endless as the universe.

© Rosie Chee

Photo by: Rosie Chee