July 31, 2015



Whether by twist of fate or simple science, there comes to pass a rare day when the world seems different, people are affected by insanity or magic, and there is crazy sense of wonder about it all, this anomaly and beauty. Strange things can happen. Stranger things DO happen. But once in a Blue Moon, those strange things can captivate your heart and mind and seer themselves on your soul so deep you will never forget them as long as you live.

Yet not just on this day are memories made by events that occur, however means they come, for EVERY day is a chance to create magic that will last far beyond the reaches of time and space and light, so that eons into the future that magic can still be remembered as if it were just only yesterday. And once in a Blue Moon you are in a place where your entire being is alive with possibility, open to it all, because you are an illuminated soul, one with all.

So take from this day the vibrations and energy, feeling them swirl inside your essence, and carry them into the days that will be, so that the life you breathe and live is love and magic, transforming even the most “ordinary” day into something that will be anything but. Take that “once in a Blue Moon” and infuse it into the depths of your soul, and let your “creative” change to live on every edge and take every risk and find every sparkle that can ever make a difference.

© 2015 Rosie Chee