May 12, 2015



The world is alive with vibrancy. It beats with life and hums with joy. There is delight to be found everywhere. You need to OPEN your heart and KEEP it open; hold onto the love you have seen, the beauty discovered, the truth revealed, and realize that it is not just for a moment or an hour or a day, but a LIFETIME. It exists for an eternity, however long for you that may be. It exists for you and you must never stop believing that. You must never stop hoping. You must never stop dreaming. You must always remember.

And as you do, remember that YOU are one of those things of beauty, of wonder, of value, of delight, and not just for a moment, but ALWAYS. You always were and always will be, whether your eyes “see” it or not. You are worthy of love and life and everything you have ever wished or hoped for. You are wonderful, a beautiful mess of humanity deserving of love and life and acceptance, and YOU need to be the one to START the process – it must first come from withIN for you to truly fully embrace it and allow it.  You yourself need to “take” it, because you know now and you cannot UNknow it once realized.

You have to take it and understand it. Dissect it if you must, but take it and nurture it and watch it grow, the bloom of self-love, so that you never stop feeling alive, the way you never want to stop feeling alive; your smile real, your eyes sparkle, you the light instead of the night to those around you; the joy that infuses your world with melody; infectious exuberance. You must be the core, the seed that from it all springs.

He has planted you and waited patiently for you to stir beneath the earth. Now that you have stirred, the first shoots of green appeared, you can only CONTINUE to grow and spread and reach and touch the world around you. That seed must grow and bloom and push towards the surface and break it and BLOSSOM...

© 2015 Rosie Chee