April 28, 2015



Water and fire are both powerful elements. Some might say they are “opposites”; whereas others could argue that they both exist as “complements”, since water can kill fire, but fire can also heat water so much that it evaporates, or even, when frozen, become free flowing.

Both water and fire have fluid motion. In their “natural elements” they move seamlessly, easily, water spreading as far as oceans can reach and further, fire dancing to its own heart and beat with little thought to how it travels or is perceived.

We should be both. Carry elements of both “character” in our soul: Desiring to be able to touch as many and as much as possible, to create and inspire as much change and difference as possible; conscious and unconscious thought becoming awareness in the lives of those around us, as it is in self.

Two “beings” inside a single soul; two “faces”; two sides; both every much a part of that soul as the other, although not always perceived the same or by everyone observing such soul. Smooth and as easy as water gliding through life or as ferocious and fiery as fire burning defiantly.

Both water and fire, both graceful in their own different way, beautiful in the way that each can only be, existing not because they have been given permission, but because they “are”. Cold and hot they “live” and change, “evolving” depending on their environment, but always staying true to their essential nature.

© 2015 Rosie Chee