April 29, 2015



Sometimes we forget that there are things we bring to the world that no one else can, ever has or ever will be able to. It is an honour and a privilege to simply be YOU. We all have flaws and weaknesses, but we need to stop seeing them as such, because those can be part of what “makes” us and the “whole” vision of “beauty” or “amazing” that is perceived and we should see them they are – unique quirks and scars that have given us valuable lessons we can use to help others. We need to NOT focus on flaws and weaknesses and berating ourselves for having them, but on what is our love and PASSION and celebrate the fact that no matter what has happened to us in life, we are STILL here and breathing and determined to make a difference.

Sometimes the people you see have been through so much more than you know, so much more than ever be perceived, so much more building them from the inside out. There is a story for every individual, each different but no less precious. Even in the dark there is a light inside every one of us and it is that light that the world needs – to know that there is hope and redemption, that every darkness is merely a process of life, to test us and make us stronger, better equip us into becoming the best that we can be, whether we desire the experience or not. Even the experiences resulting as consequence of our own stubborn choices, the fairytales that revealed themselves as nightmares, the happiness that proved to be built on illusions – all of that “gave” us something and was vital to our “becoming”.

Sometimes we forget that the deepest darkness is required for the brightest lights to shine, for the lights to glimmer forth and truly be seen for what they are. The deepest depths are only “yardsticks” for the courage of souls in picking themselves up after falling, determined to rise and soaring higher than ever, new wind beneath wings that have been broken but restored stronger than before. So never be ashamed of having been broken, of scars, of “being human”, for it is those very things that “define” who you are and what you become in the story of your “evolution”, and it is those very things that create or reveal the true light that you are. Never forget that every soul needs a light – you never know when YOURS will be the one that makes the difference for another.

© 2015 Rosie Chee