March 23, 2015



There comes a time in your life when you say “enough is enough”, “this is not me”, “I will not let myself live like this anymore”. Your soul and heart and mind and body have great “memory” of the discipline you “lived” in the past – one part of the past that was truly an asset, and an asset that once had, never truly lost, because the ability and “habit” is already ingrained in who you are, and no matter if it seems “lost” for a time, is always there to be found and used again. The “memory” of the lifestyle “before”, the “good”, that which allowed progression and growth – that is all there, slumbering awakening, a dull rumbling beneath your skin, like the groaning of a volcano ready to erupt. LET it out – let it loose to be YOU again.

Settling was NEVER an option – “comfort” may have been slipped into, but once realized, can no longer be allowed. Motivation for everything you want and need is there – it has just been hard to “move”, but now there can be no excuses NOT to, because there is no one but you to whom you shall eventually be accountable for what you did and didn’t do in the pursuit of your dreams and desires. Those who achieve great things did not settle – they may have been “knocked down” or out for a time, but they did not let that stop them, and on the rise back up, found “new” strength and growth that would serve them in their surge forward. Forward momentum – habits might be hard to break and make, but once made, can be made again, better than before.

Chase your dreams with a vengeance – don’t let anything stop you, any obstacles serve only as “lessons”, milestones of growth and progression, keeping your mind objective as your heart focuses on your vision and purpose. Go after what you want – you KNOW you are worthy of it, accepting of yourself and what has brought you to who and where you are now, even as you know that you cannot and will not “stay” where you are now, because you are all about becoming better on every level, being the example for yourself that you are YOUR competition, leading by example that no matter what one has faced or is facing or will face, they can always OVERCOME and CONQUER!

© 2015 Rosie Chee