February 19, 2015



It’s the dawn of a new year, a new era, a new age. It’s the time for a fresh start, a clean slate, a new opportunity, a BEGINNING. It’s the moment to let go of everything that has gone before, accepting that it has moulded you in experience to be part of your testimony, but that it no longer has any power over you or in your life; no strongholds that it can hide in to ambush you at a later date. It’s the day that you EMBRACE the destiny that awaits you.

Your soul knows when it’s time, the start of a new year or not. It may have known for a while and yet you still found it clinging to remnants past, but now it’s time to walk AWAY from all that; everything that has caused destruction and despair and tears. It’s time to step into something NEW, full of opportunity and the promise of dreams, with renewed hope for a wish your heart has long held onto, the glimpse of your reality a dream no longer so far out of reach.

You KNOW and your soul rejoices, flooding final healing through your being much as the ocean washes over the shore and leaves the sand smooth and unbroken. The light that spreads through your essence is from the lifting of the darkness of everything that was “tainting” your soul - the burdens you took on that you should never have, the hurts that wounded you far more than you ever would admit, the toxic people you had let into your life - forgiving yourself and releasing it all.

TRUST your soul, those whispers in its depths, and know that it only wants what is best for you, instinctively already knowing what you need and what must happen for it to be. There is a magic in your soul that wants to be let out, given life with your first breaths of the new dawn and the aspirations that whirl inside your mind. Every “new” beginning is another evolution of your soul, one step closer to the ULTIMATE you, even as you always seek to become better and never should want to stop “becoming”.

© Rosie Chee