December 10, 2014



There are many times this year when I have almost “given up”, said “fcuk it” and just disappeared into the world. Many times when I have wanted to throw everything away, hide from everyone and go where no one can ever find me. Many times when I have thought that what was coming at me was too much for my spirit to take after everything that had gone before. Many times when I have wondered if I walk alone and deserted in this world, faith the only thing to give me any comfort or knowing that it might turn out ok.

Something inside me was stronger than I thought. Something inside me didn’t want to disappear quite yet. Something inside me knew with a quiet confidence that I could handle whatever was happening. Something inside me accepted that even if I was destined to walk alone, I was strong enough and capable enough to do it.

I am still here. I am still FIGHTING. I am still giving it EVERYTHING I can. I still BELIEVE!

There are many things in this world that we do not or will not ever understand, but I have faith that no matter what happens, it can only force us to become BETTER than we are, to prepare us for what is to come, to make sure we are as strong as possible to prevail and succeed!

Remember that there is a Warrior in each of us. A Warrior who will NOT run, who ROARS at adversity, who revels in the challenges life throws at us, steadfast in the position they hold in the world.

© Rosie Chee