December 13, 2014



Many people in this world are searching for something. Something that will make everything better, change the way things are; allow them to experience the “magic” of life. STOP searching, for there is “magic” all around you: In a smile, the eyes of another, a hug or warm embrace, the beating of heart, the bloom of a flower or blossom on a tree, the hint of life or the beginning of one, change, hope, love. There is magic if only you open your HEART and your eyes to SEE it.
However, while there is “magic” all around you, there is also no “magic” unless YOU create it. Those who WAIT for it will never find or experience the satisfaction of it, for while there is always POTENTIAL for “magic” to be, the same way that dreams do not come true unless YOU pursue them, “magic” does not happen unless you MAKE it happen.
So if you’re looking for “magic” today, STOP looking. See what is and start CREATING your OWN “magic” to ADD to the world!
© Rosie Chee