November 2, 2014



Sometimes you have to stop trying to CONTROL everything and just let it HAPPEN. Let go of the fear, the hesitation, the “what if”, everything holding you back from enjoying the moment and the blessings God is giving you. Your heart appreciates the newfound freedom you have found, the joy discovered in the most unlikely of places, the surprising smile glowing in your soul, so stop questioning it and just move WITH it.

There is no rhyme or reason to many things in our lives, yet there is always a purpose to the chaos, a method to the madness, a trigger to the happiness, and if we just ACCEPT that it is happening, eventually we will understand, even if it takes a lifetime to realize. Life OPENS up when YOU do, when you allow your soul to open up to the possibilities waiting out there for you, the dreams you never dared to dream.

Everything in its time, in HIS time, always perfect, just what you need when you need it, even if you don’t KNOW that you need it. Stop running and just LET it happen, allowing yourself room to learn and grow, UNFOLDING your heart and soul the way a bud slowly opens when it wakes to the world, cautiously at first, but then fully, embracing the seasons and what may come.

© Rosie Chee