October 22, 2014



To start a new chapter of our lives we need to have turned the page on the last one, left it BEHIND and moved ON. Whilst the events of chapters past have helped shaped us into what and where we are now - and may even have some role in what we will become and where we might go - they ARE done and should be LEFT in the past where they belong.

You canNOT move forward if you are holding ON to the past, if your mind is living in the past instead of the present, not focused on the future and where you are heading. DON’T let what happened in previous chapters of your life dictate what you do in and with your life NOW.

Sometimes it can be difficult, but don’t treat the people in your present as if they were the people from your past, because they are not. Yes, be cautious and learn from past mistakes and errors in judgement, but do not let what happened then close you off from the potential blessings that could be yours and cloud your mind and heart to what is or might be happening now, for not all circumstances are the same, and not everything plays out the way it did before.

Keep your mind and heart OPEN to what the next chapter of your life might bring. Stay close to HOPE and know what you want to see, but also keep a grasp of truth and accept that not all things are destined for us, knowing that they each have their time if they ARE meant to be.

Do NOT let the past hold you back and stop you from becoming EVERYTHING you are MEANT to be and possessing everything you are meant to have! Accept it, learn from it, and move FORWARD! Turn the page to a NEW chapter of your life and EMBRACE what is to come!

© Rosie Chee