October 21, 2014



You have had something on your heart for a long time now. Something that should been done when you FIRST recognized it, but never was because you were too busy taking care of everyone else and their needs, ignoring your own in a misplaced sense of loyalty. But now that something is of PARAMOUNT importance to do, for such a deep-seated desire does not get laid on one’s heart for no reason, and it’s time to start thinking about your OWN health and happiness, to begin doing what will be BEST for you.

First, you must learn to be SELFISH. Hard for those who always put others before themselves, who have taken care of everyone else all their life and neglected themselves until they could no longer ignore the warning signals inside. Being selfish we all need to be sometimes, for if we do not take care of ourselves we are NOT going to be in any position to be of service to others. We also need to realize that when WE are healthy and happy, then we are better equipped to create POSITIVE impact in others’ lives.

You are at the point where you can no longer ignore that desire, when it MUST be taken care of before all else, not just because it should have been done, but because if it is NOT, you will never be able to live your life as completely as you were meant to. You WANT to become ALL you have the potential and power to be, and to do that this must be DONE. You have made the decision and now it is time to ACT on it, creating the reality that you have sought in your heart for a long time.

Realize that saying “no” to everyone else and their needs for a time is NOT bad, for not only must they learn to start taking care of themselves and not rely on draining you of everything you have and are to keep them satisfied, but you need to start thinking of YOU and YOUR best interests. Life changes and we change with it and that change should constantly be making us into something BETTER than we are. To become better, you have to know what you NEED to do to reach that next level and just DO it, no matter the cost.

There is ALWAYS going to be a cost to doing what must be done, but that is nothing compared to what will be if you do NOT move. Your life is your own, so start allowing it to be. Start allowing yourself to LIVE. Start allowing that glimpse of happiness to become a ray of hope that spreads throughout your being, into all corners of your soul and life. Start allowing that inner voice to say “YES” to yourself, accepting that you must in order for your life to truly move FORWARD.

© Rosie Chee