September 18, 2014



Yes, you have a past – we all do, and whether it was not the most stellar, was completely memorable, or was noteworthy doesn’t make it any less real or special. Your past is where you have come FROM and does not indicate where you are GOING; it does not control who and what you BECOME – that is all on YOU. YOU determine your future; you determine what events you set in motion to eventuate or come to fruition at a later date – the ACCOUNTABILITY lies with YOU.

Your past tells the story of where you have BEEN, of the strength and power of your convictions and beliefs, highlighting the path that has moulded you to this point – for some it’s extreme; for others it is simply waking up to realize what life is truly about; for others it is about testing themselves and pushing boundaries. For you to be where you are right now, you should have a sense of PRIDE that you have OVERCOME your past, not allowing it to determine your POTENTIAL and SUCCESS.

There is power in the past – IF we let it, for it is what has gone before and not what is to be. There is power in the present – in the POTENTIAL for the future, in the hope and faith in our hearts. There is power in the future – in the PROMISE of what lies ahead, the DIFFERENCE we can make, and even the successful should not be complacent, for the journey is not yet over, the path ahead unknown, to be determined, what we MAKE of it.

© Rosie Chee