September 22, 2014



It can be hard to realize that to be truly HAPPY you must be YOU. You – as you ARE, in your ENTIRETY. No hiding aspects of yourself away, but letting the world know by seeing how BRILLIANTLY you can glow – the way you have let others see you glow and the way you unconsciously glowed before from the touching of another soul against your own.

In that time you were happy – completely and unadulteratedly HAPPY. You were FREE to be you, with those who only longed to see more of the soul you had started to let peek out at the world. Somehow, between then and now, it ran away and hid again, and now you have to STOP that and let it back OUT – you need to OPEN up your trembling heart to the winter frost to find the sun and its warmth.

NO more hiding. No more shying AWAY. You have so MUCH potential inside you. You have so many DREAMS, so many HOPES and plans for the future. Let them OUT. Give them VOICE and see that there IS support – there are those who want to see your soul bloom like it did once before, and grow beyond that to FLOURISH.

Just be YOU. Not what the world wants you to be. Not what others want you to be. Not what you think you should be. Just be what you ARE and be UNashamed of it – do not forget your beauty, your wings, your UNIQUENESS and everything about you that stands you apart from anyone and everything else. Let your soul back out and simply let yourself BE.

When you can do that, KEEP on doing it. LIVE your dreams. Let the joy of refinding the passion that had slipped away infuse back into everything you do. Let the smile in your soul sparkle from the depths and light the smile of another. Give yourself permission to FLY again and GROW ever more into the person He intended you to be. Let the HAPPINESS become a way of life again.

© Rosie Chee