August 1, 2014



There is a “glass wall” in our lives: One side is “safe”, our “comfort zone”; the other side beckons of the “unknown” and often that which we “fear”. So sad that so most will never move from the former side of that invisible wall. But those that say “screw it” and take that step of faith to move past it will be the ones that live a life worth telling, a story with lessons learnt through experience, and a testimony that will help enhance the lives of those who hear and see it.

As a child we have no “fear”. Yet somewhere along the way so many become “conditioned” to the world’s way of thinking or have no faith, and fear enters their life. Fear of anything and everything, nothing more trivial than another. Those few who truly have “no fear” are few indeed, and if they were honest with themselves, they will know that deep down there are fears that even they cannot acknowledge to themselves. Yet, there might truly be no fear, coming from a deep seated faith in something bigger and greater than anyone can or will ever understand. And that faith is what “allows” them to move from the “comfort zone” to the “other side of fear” and let them truly live.

There is FREEDOM in “fearing” but getting out there and doing it anyway. There is an exhilaration in taking risks, a thrill that cannot be experienced by being “safe”, a real joy in letting your spirit “fly” and embracing the “moments” that come, giving “over” to the childlike innocence and curiosity to explore life and all it has to offer.

Sometimes those living on the other side of fear look at those “inside” the “safety” of the “glasshouse” and wonder how they can live thus, desiring to see them step “through” the portal into the “real” world they exist in so that they too can truly know what it is like to LIVE. There is life on one side of the glass wall, but those on the other side of that wall are ALIVE with the life that only freedom can give.

You have a choice: Stay inside your comfort zone or get OUT of it. If you’ve been on both sides, then you know the only “logical” choice. Do you want to merely survive, or do you want to experience life in all the wonder and magnificence that it SHOULD be lived in? Think about it. “Evolution” and “becoming” is all about moving from strength to strength, one height to another, touching one star and then another and another, falling and rising, loving and losing and rediscovering new life, and none of that can be found INSIDE a “comfort zone”. Life is meant to be lived OUTSIDE the boundary of “should”, so why not let yourself smash that glass wall and “understand”!

© 2014 Rosie Chee