July 8, 2014



When it seems the bleakest, the night the darkest, hope all but there, that’s when you need to try the HARDEST. When you have nothing to hold onto but your faith and the warmth of another hand wrapped tightly around your own, you can find the strength to keep going, to hang on, to try at least one more time.

You never know what one more effort might bring. You might know the pain and suffering that will surely ensue, but your soul also knows the joy and victory that comes with success, the price of trying that one more time. The time you might wonder why and feel is not worth it, because every other time has given the same outcome, but you never know when that outcome will suddenly CHANGE and your world will be as it should be.

One more time. One more effort. One more battle. One more day. ONE MORE. All it takes is a little faith and heart and hope and the willingness to give it that one last chance. YOUR last chance. For if you do not take it, you might forever lose what it is you have spent so long fighting for, and you can never do that, can never give up your heart and soul because you might be tired. You would never forgive yourself.

That one last time could be the difference between the ultimate sorrow and the most wondrous happiness. It could be the turning point between what was once “impossible” and what will forever thus be possible. It could be the start of your future in the realm of your dreams, leaving the past and its heartache behind you for good. It could be EVERYthing, mean everything, so you HAVE to try.

TRY. As hard as you can. Until it hurts so much your tears bleed. Until you are so exhausted you don’t know how you can still stand. Until the last breath whispers from your lungs. No matter what, you try and give it ALL you’ve got. Because this is YOUR life, and in the end, YOU must live with the decisions you make and the consequences of them.

© Rosie Chee