July 7, 2014



For what has BEEN – I might not have completely understood it at the time, but I do now, knowing it was NECESSARY to bring me to this point. For the experiences given – without which my soul would not have been changed that my heart would be able to be open enough to share, and in the sharing be able to touch lives in ways I might not have been able to before, making room for more difference to be made and a hand that would never before have been offered to be given. For the intertwining threads – the souls allowed to touch mine have marked me far more than they will ever know, impacted me more than anyone might ever see, created strength that can be sensed by those who have known me, changed me in both beauty and pain but ultimately for the BETTER.

For transforming my SOUL – I will always be what I was, but not what I was as I move FORWARD through life, living and learning, the old ways of survival still would work but now not what I want to use, knowing their weaknesses and taking only their strengths with me into the future I am walking into; having fallen and risen, broken and rebuilding, lived and died and been reborn for the second time, an even newer and wiser creature emerging from the flames, not the Terminator I started out as or the Warrior I became, but an Angel of neither white or black; standing alone but not alone, the integral fundamentals unchanged even as everything is changed.

For EVERYTHING that is – TRANSFORMING my soul as it needed and needs to be, so that I can be everything that I need and should be, so that I can do and be everything I am meant to; all of it for Your glory, proof that prayers do get answered and miracles do exist, the lost can be found and the hardest of hearts made soft, walls can be broken down and ice can be melted, blank masks can become genuine smiles as life continues and opens up before me; stepping forward in faith across the invisible bridge over the chasm below.

© Rosie Chee