July 9, 2014



Your “bliss” is your PASSION. It is where your heart truly lies. It is the path your SOUL wants to take. It is that inner instinct “guiding” you in the direction of your DREAMS.

Dreams are not meant to be JUST dreams. They are placed on your heart for a reason, no matter how inexplicable or illogical or “impossible” they might seem at any moment.

Dreamers are not alone in their dreaming, but you have to TAKE the risk and plunge out into the UNKNOWN. It is taking that FIRST step of faith that will “open” up the path before you. Once you’re out on that glass ledge looking out over an endless black chasm, seeing no way across and you walk out anyway, you find that there is solidity beneath your feet, an invisible bridge stretching out through the ether, the darkness parting way before you as you approach, making the way clearer and clearer, the night sky above you beginning to twinkle tiny lights like beacons to follow.

The more you TRUST yourself, the belief in your dreams UNshakeable, following your bliss wherever it leads, the more you will see the universe “work” WITH you. Opportunities will open up before you.

Your bliss can lead you further than you might imagine if you follow it. It can take you to worlds and give you adventures beyond your wildest imaginings. All you have to do is FOLLOW it.

© Rosie Chee