June 25, 2014



If you’ve ever been in the ocean on a stormy day you’ll know what it’s like out there - how rough, the waves pounding down, pummelling the shore, hard and heavy, even in the deeper waters,  debris washing ashore, taken from far out to sea. Storms cast wide nets, troubling not just the shore but the HEART of the ocean itself as well, stirring it into a frenzy of confusion and distress.

But storms are not all horrible - they can be BEAUTIFUL and refreshing, and you find your CALM in the midst of all the chaos, clearing your mind of trouble. Amidst that storm, in all the cacophony of thought and action in and around you, you can find an inner STILLNESS, an inner sense of peace, a cleansing touch to wash AWAY the debris from your life and your heart.

We NEED the troubled waters to learn how to survive. We need them to show us how to stay AFLOAT. We are never meant to be there to flounder and struggle, and if we do such, only so that we discover HOW to swim, to TRIUMPH against the odds and come out VICTORIOUS. Troubled waters are just another test, another obstacle we must battle through in life.

In troubled waters we often FIND ourselves, discover what we are truly capable of, what we are willing to do just to stay alive. For none of us want to drown, even if we might think we do - all we want is to know that we’ll be ok, that we are NOT alone in our struggle. Sometimes we must experience that struggle to UNDERSTAND who we are and what we value in life, what we are living FOR and desire with all our soul.

Troubled waters make us do one of the hardest things in the world to do - look INSIDE ourselves and see what is there. Is it a soul worth saving? Of course it is. Is there anything that needs to be let go of and left behind for good? Absolutely. Is there more than we thought possible hidden deep down in the depths? Yes, just waiting for the right time to reveal itself and come into its own.

Troubled waters give us an OPPORTUNITY to say yes or no to life and determine in our hearts how we will LIVE that life if we choose to save it; to see what we are truly made of and capable of being and BECOMING; to see life from a different perspective, CHANGED from the inside out. Troubled waters CLEANSE us and prepare us for what is to come, the future and all the Blessings it has WAITING.

© Rosie Chee