June 11, 2014



The night seems longer than ever, darker than ever, your tears limitless in their source, the emotions tearing and ripping you apart seeming determined to see how little they can leave you with. Yet you know better – that you are stronger than this, have endured much more than this, too many times before, and that you found a way before, so you will find a way NOW. You will be STRONG and no one will ever know, your face a smile, your body acting as it should, living life through the “motions”.

You HAVE to be strong. You cannot let it show. You will not let them see your struggle. Your pain is yours alone, because the one that should have cared cares not. You have others relying on you and you must be strong for them. Never mind what YOU are going through. You continue to be the rock that they “need”, even when you have no rock of your own.

You stay strong on all outward appearance and you see the irony in the strength others get from YOU. You understand that even when your own world is dark you can STILL be a light in that of others. You can still provide some comfort to others and help them through THEIR tough times. You can continue to be everything that they think you are because they need you to be that, even though you may feel powerless and unsure of how to proceed in your own situation.

Your strength, your guidance, your simply “being” – you may never know how it helps another or inspires them. You do it because it’s what you do. In turn, though you may not find the peace that YOU seek, you can at least know that you are able to make a difference. You can continue being an example – you ARE an example, your entire life, though it might not always be the best one. You continue on, because if you did not, the other option is NOT an option.

© Rosie Chee